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  - has been using Maya     and 3D Studio MAX
    since 1998
  - has been at work for     various creative     agencies on both     coasts since 1999
  - currently lives and     works in Los Angeles
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Welcome, Friend.

My name is Kevin Kraeer, and KraeerAnimation.com is my personal portfolio. For the past several years, I've been working on Call of Duty for Treyarch, and making my own stuff using Maya and 3D Studio MAX. When working for my own amusement, I make characters and environments, texture maps, character rigs, and finally animations, sometimes adding sound, editing, and compositing using After FX. On occasion I can also be found creating pixel art and practicing graphic design.

Please use the links to the left to browse work samples or find out more about just who the hell I am. Use the links at the top right to look at my resume, drop me a line, or download my reel.

Thanks for visiting!

Stuff that happened:
Reliant Returns
April 23, 2016 - Reliant Returns!

I've been busy with other things the past couple years, mostly shipping Black Ops 3. There's other stuff I'm organizing for posting soon. For now though, I took a break to fix one of the great disasters to befall all of humankind. The Great Hard Drive Crash of 2008 destroyed my model of U.S.S. Reliant. I spent the last couple weekends rectifying the situation. Check it out here.

Robo Taurus
May 17, 2014 - RoboTaurus

Hey look, it's RoboCop's Ford Taurus.

March 30, 2014 - MEH: Moderately Extreme Hero

Finally, a crimefighter without any real excitement. This show had an unforgettable intro.

Amazing Dream
October 19, 2013 - Amazing Dream

When Steven Wright is your pilot, you're guaranteed an amazing flight. See what I mean here.

Galactic Cashier
October 12, 2013 - Galactic Cashier

Free Range Snerdlings, Zirconium Plates and Induced Fusion Pies are on the menu in this game mockup about running an intergalactic convenience store. See it here.

Bad Acid
July 6, 2013 - Bad Acid

You know dear, this short animation reminds me what a great movie Airplane II was. See it here.

Regarding Henry NES
April 21, 2013 - Regarding Henry NES

Henry Turner was a cutthroat lawyer. One encounter with John Leguizamo later, he's dodging vanilla pudding cups thrown by Mr. Casella in an NES game. See it here.

Thurston Farnsworth's Robot Ruckus
April 14, 2013 - Thurston Farnsworth's Robot Ruckus

Thurston Farnsworth just wanted to serve soup. Then Robots brought The Ruckus. Specifically, they brought The Ruckus to this small Half-Life 2 mod I made for fun. See it here.

Empire Strikes Back
November 27, 2010 - The Empire Strikes Back

Join me on this PT boat and together we'll journey upriver, deep into the heart of nerdiness, as I recreate in 3D the cover of a coloring book I vaguely remember coloring as a child. See it here.

October 14, 2010 - The Ice Cream Truck

The moving story of two children enjoying a summer afternoon amidst personal tragedy. Watch and enjoy this story of human triumph.

October 13, 2008 - Ironclad Coronado

Style and elegance at a price that won't break your pocketbook. One of the finest automobiles ever designed will find its way into dealerships this coming Spring, 1971.

February 19, 2008 - Hired at Treyarch!

Here's an extraordinarily late update. February 19th was my first day as a contract animator at Treyarch, working on Call of Duty: World at War. I was hired on full-time in September. My mission is finally a success!!!

February 6, 2008 - The Terminator
As a modeling/rendering exercise, I've just finished the Terminator endoskeleton. It's medium detail, like most of my other stuff. I've made additions to the modeling and 'Stills' areas.
January 31, 2008 - Character Studio/Game Animations
Just posted some cyclable character stuff in the WIPs/Exercises section. This includes a series of brief action clips using Character Studio and Maya. Check them out here.
January 10, 2008 - The Dynamic Sewer
I was recently asked why I don't have more animations featuring sewers being shot up and barrels exploding. This piece fills the gap. It was also created as a Maya dynamics exercise, incorporating cloud and tube particles, fields, and fluids. Check it out here.
October 22, 2007 - Pro Work Update!
I've just added a section showing a few of the things I've worked on at my day job for the past couple of years. Included are graphic design samples, character designs, mobile game art and Nintendo DS pixel art. Check it all out here.
October 21, 2007 - FPS Animations Added
I've been working on some game-ready FPS animations. Featured in this piece are Beretta and MP5 actions. Check them out here.
October 21, 2007 - Office Construction Environment Added
Here's an environment I've been working on to showcase some of the Die Hard stuff I've been working on. There are several renders in the Modeling > Stills and Environments section. Check them out here.
October 21, 2007 - Die Hard Game Comp Screen Added
Added a quick mockup of the Die Hard game using the latest assets. Check it out here.
September 23, 2007 - New Model Added
In spite of its inherent nerdiness, I've added some renders of the Reliant from Star Trek II. Check it out here.
July 4, 2007 - "Die Hard: The Game"
True, there have been a few games already. But not like THIS. Check it out here.
April 1, 2007 - Darth Vader -
Hey look, it's Darth Vader. Check the WIP here or be destroyed.
January 14, 2007 - "Joey..." lip sync clips from Airplane!
As an exercise, I animated a few of Peter Graves' classic lines. You can watch it here.
Dec 4, 2006 - "Star Trek II: The Game" game concept and art added
I posted a game idea I've been kicking around, which is really an amalgam of some other games wrapped around the storyline of the best of the Trek films. I want to play this game, so I'm hoping my idea is stolen and put into development. Check it out here.
July 7, 2006 - Khaaaaaan!
I'm working on Khaaaaaan! You can check him out here.

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