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Who I am

I am an animator and I work at Treyarch, on the Call of Duty series. I really enjoy the whole process of making animation, from modeling to rigging, shot composition, sound design, titles. You name it, and I've tried it, with varying degrees of success. Against all logical advice, I've posted most of my personal work here and will continue to do so until someone stops me. I've also ATTEMPTED some game programming using UE4 and blueprints, and I've modded Half-Life 2, which I guess almost every person on Earth has tried at some point in their lives. Those samples are also posted here.

* * *

I moved to LA from Philly in 2003, in the hope of quickly finding a job as an animator in the game industry. Which didn't happen. So, I worked as a cashier at a bookstore as well as a game tester at a popular game publisher to pay the bills. These were long, 19 hour days, but I worked with some great people and still somehow found time to make new work, compile an updated reel, and keep at the job hunt.

July 2005, I was hired to work with some of my old game testing friends at a mobile software development company in Santa Monica, which is where I was until November 2007. In February 2008 I was hired as a contract animator at Treyarch, and in November of that year, I was offered full time employment. So: mission successful! I've been with Treyarch ever since.

What I use

After Effects

--> If you want to know more, or you just want to talk movies, feel free to contact me.

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