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This section contains samples of work I created while working with Bellrock Media, Inc. Bellrock is primarily a wireless game company, but I got to work on much more than mobile game art. I also did product one sheets, corporate support documents, and even designed an entire Nintendo DS game from the ground up.

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Project: Dai Nippon Jin
Type: One Sheet
Role: Graphic Design, Copy Writing

This one sheet was created for the Bellrock Japan office, which worked with Japanese Talent agency Yoshimoto Kogyo and Hitoshi Matsumoto on Downtown. Dai Nippon Jin represented Matsumoto's directorial debut, and this one sheet was requested as part of the U.S. press pack. Given a data sheet written entirely in Japanese, I researched the film online, wrote the copy, and finished the design in about 4 hours.

Project: Disney Super Shuffle
Type: One Sheet
Role: Graphic Design, Pixel Art, Copy Writing

This is a one sheet for a co-branded game project with Disney. Typically, these would be created prior to the first meeting with the partner company, with some direction from our BizDev gurus. The background here is an enlarged and cleaned snapshot of the Disney site, and Mickey was a separate EPS file from the internet. I created the SuperShuffle logo with the help of our Creative Director, and I also created the sparkly swoosh whipping by in the background. I created the game art months earlier for a product called Star Shuffle. Here, it's been re-colored and re-purposed using Mickey and the Disney website's color scheme.

Project: Zarkon the Destroyer's Intergalactic Smackdown
Type: One Sheet
Role: Graphic Design, Pixel Art, Copy Writing

Here's a spoof sheet for another mobile game project. Specifically, I used the teaser poster for The Empire Strikes Back as a reference, replacing Darth Vader with the game's title character, and replacing the slugline with screenshots and some copy that I wrote. The main title was designed intentionally to resemble a Star Wars-style logo. Zarkon, who fills the page, was created in Illustrator; the specular "glints" were painted in Photoshop. The pixel art for the gamescreens was created from scratch. The spaceship designs and fish guy were sketched out on paper first before being translated into game art pixel by pixel.

Project: Office Chair Deathrace
Type: Key Art
Role: Graphic Design, 3D modeling

This key art was used as the cover for the Office Chair Deathrace (OCDR) design document. The 3D chair centerpiece was created using Maya, using photos of hot rods and motorcycles for reference. Under the seat is a motorcycle engine, downloaded from The rest of the chair, which we ended up calling "Thor's Hammer", was created from scratch. The logo was then designed in Photoshop, using "Thor's Hammer" as a basis for the look and feel. The rays of light in the background were painted in Photoshop, as was the large globe. The flames were designed in Illustrator and layered in Photoshop using Overlay and Dodge inks to give them their glow.

Project: Telly Sullivan's Parabolic Assault
Type: Key Art (Mobile)
Role: Graphic Design

Telly Sullivan's Parabolic Assault was a pet project of mine, and grew from a modest mobile "Artillery" style game to a Nintendo DS title featuring two game modes, 8 playable characters, and WiFi multiplayer battles. Shown here is the key art, which appeared on the design document for the mobile version. Telly was designed on paper months earlier, then this scene was created in Illustrator and brought into Photoshop. The style was heavily influenced by Super Paper Mario which had been released at the same time that I was designing this piece.

Project: Telly Sullivan's Parabolic Assault
Type: Key Art (Nintendo DS)
Role: Graphic Design

Shown here is the same key art as above, re-formatted for the Nintendo DS. I expanded the scene horizontally because this art would need to fill the Nintendo DS's top screen. I was also anticipating that I'd need more of the scene to design the DS game box art. The explosions were done in Illustrator, as were all of the background characters.

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