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This section will be updated with the latest and greatest models, tests, sketches, and short animation experiements. I've also included some of my older work near the bottom of the page.

Galactic Cashier - Update 10/12/13

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Regarding Henry for NES
- Update 4/21/13

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Character Studio / Game Animations - Update 1/31/08

Here are few animation samples I've been working on with the aim of creating an updated demo reel. My focus is on game character animation. Using MAX and Maya, I've been working towards cyclable animations and other player-oriented movements that could be plugged into a game engine. It's also given me an opportunity to practice the basics. I'll be updating this over the coming months, as I have a huge list of brief animations that I want to tackle. For now, here's what I'm in the midst of refining:
CS: Ladder Climb CS: Backward Drag CS: Forward Drag Maya: Happy Walk  
Maya: Sneak Maya: Weight Carry Maya: McClane Run Maya: McClane Run (Side)  
Maya: Facehugger Walk Maya: Horse Canter      

For an evolution and discussion of these little clips, you can check the WIP thread over at cgtalk.

Die Hard: The Game - Update 7/4/07
Die Hard TM & © Twentieth Century Fox

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Darth Vader - Update 4/1/07

Here is a Vader model I started some time ago that I'm revisiting. There are several models on my hard drive at a state of 50-75% completion that I'm aiming to finish, polish, and maybe even animate this year. Khan, Vader, the Star Trek game, and the Woody Allen piece all fall into that category.

The dome section here is paper thin, but I still need to work out the correct contours before smoothing and making it thicker. The control box and other pieces are done (not pictured), but he needs a body and cape with cloth simulation before I'll be satisfied. To the nerd-mobile!

Darth Vader
TM & © Lucasfilm Ltd.

STAR TREK II: The Game - Update 12/4/06

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan TM & © Paramount Pictures

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"I've done far worse than kill you..." - Update 7/7/06

Khan is my first attempt at a real high-poly character. I was inspired by Darren Pattenden, the guy who made the award-winning Grand Moff Tarkin model over at cgtalk, to make my own high-poly bad guy. Star Trek II is one of my favorite sci-fi movies, and I thought it would be fun to create a realistic Ricardo Montalban model and do a couple of lip synch animations, maybe from the bridge of the Reliant. More updates to come.

"Here's What."

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"Joey..." - short dialogue clips from Airplane!

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Download Clip 3

Ancient Work:

These animations are presented 'as-is'; meaning that they will open in a new browser window using the appropriate video software. Windows Media Player is needed where 'AVI' is indicated.

Catapault (6MB)
Invasion Normandy - The Channel (1.3MB)
Regal Cinema Logo (2MB)
Climb (2.4MB)
Dragon Attack (6 MB)
Soldier Creep (1.3MB)
Soldier Stand/Shoot (1.2MB)
Soldier Crouch/Shoot (1.2MB)
Soldier Run/Creep (1.3MB)
Baseball Pitch (AVI) (663K)
Baseball Swing (AVI) (243K)
Laundry Day (student film) (14.7MB)
Virtual Connery (6.5MB)
Stop Motion I (489K)
Stop Motion II (1.9MB)
Stop Motion III (4.3MB)
Toon Walk (AVI) (227K)
Toon Walk Surprise (716K)
The Market Fight (2.9MB)

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